Why Therapy?

At different moments in a person’s life, therapy serves different functions including:

  • to hear yourself think
  • to metabolize experiences
  • emotional support
  • a sounding board
  • a place to be yourself without being judged
  • a place to express a full range of emotions including sadness, anger, pain, envy, grief, pride, joy, play
  • to further personal growth
  • to heal trauma
  • to explore roots of problematic behavior
  • to feel heard and seen
  • to get a different perspective
  • to help cope with pain and suffering
  • to add depth and meaning to life
  • to engage in a dialogue with your inner world
  • to develop your strengths and inner resources
  • to connect meaningfully with another human being
  • to know that you are not alone in your struggles
  • to make the unconscious conscious


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