Children often can’t put their feelings into words. I use a combination of art therapy, talk and Jungian sandplay therapy to support children to move naturally into their own healing. Sandplay therapy is a non-intrusive method using small figures and objects in a flat tray of sand several inches deep. I have been working with children in schools and private practice since 2009.

Laurie is highly dedicated and goes above and beyond in trying to help the children and families with whom she has worked. She cares deeply about the children with whom she has worked and this caring is part of the reason her students have improved in their school setting as much as they have. – Mary Watson, LMFT. Sandplay in Education Program. Sherman Elementary School. San Francisco, CA.





About me

I want to find out what your pain can tell you about what kind of healing needs to happen – what wants to unfold.

I care about tending your deeper self – some call it your soul. I pay close attention to the glimmers of joy in your life. I take what you say seriously – even the smallest issues and details that others may overlook. I help you tune into your heart and head and listen carefully to what you find there.

Therapy with me is organic, spacious, and genuine. Your well-being is my priority.  

I’m a therapist because I’m dedicated to making the world a better place, one relationship at a time.

I have studied and practiced Jungian psychology for over 30 years because it holds such potential for transformation. The notion of individuation – becoming who you truly are – has guided my own life choices from pursuing art to mythology to depth psychology and counseling. I was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in 2015 and have been using Depth Psychotherapy with clients since 2009.

I am passionate about helping you create more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life while you heal and grow.

In response to the needs of the client, I use methods such as: insight-based, psychodynamic, relational talk therapy, Jungian dreamwork, sandplay, and present-centered awareness. Together we develop a strengths-based approach to your life.

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Pet Loss Support

Losing your best friend is heart wrenching. I offer compassionate understanding for the intense grief over an animal companion’s death or illness. I know there’s nothing like the pain and grief of losing a pet. The pain of a pet’s death can seem bottomless. I invite you to get support in therapy for your loss or fears about losing your companion.

Pet loss group

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