Do you feel alive?
Where do you feel joy and a sense of well-being?
Is your life congruent with your values?

Understand yourself better. Feel more deeply. Live more fully.

Experience the support of a therapist and explore your inner landscape.

If you want to make the most of your life, therapy can help.

In therapy with me, we will look at what your emotions and symptoms are trying to tell you. I will support you to discover and create the life you want to live.

Weekly therapy is a sacred space to:

  • explore your inner self
  • metabolize emotions and events
  • pay attention to things that you skim over during the week
  • design your life

Therapy is a time to hear yourself think and make sense of feelings, thoughts, behaviors and situations. It enables you to tend to your deepest self: to feel, notice, reflect, become quiet, and slow down. These skills help you make better decisions, feel more self-acceptance, experience fulfillment and find meaning in the present and long term

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“With the support of therapy there is still pain and suffering in life, but it becomes tolerable, meaningful and enriching instead of tormenting and chaotic.”
– Barbara Stevens Sullivan, Jungian analyst.

“Psychological health is not merely the absence of symptoms; it is the positive presence of inner capacities and resources that allow people to live life with a greater sense of freedom and possibility.”
– Jonathan Shedler